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Marijuana Marriage

Did you know you can now have a Weed Wedding? As the brand behind the campaign/concept says in their tagline “Cannabis is the new Champagne”. The aim of Love&MariJ is to help connect couples who enjoy Cannabis with 420 friendly wedding vendors, hotels, venues and other service providers in the industry and celebrate a new kind of wedding experience.

Weed Wedding Planner

Love&MariJ do not directly host / arrange weddings, instead they are acting as a cannabis wedding planning resource and portal to bring the 420 friendly community together and help act as a go between for couples and venues, caterers and all other companies involved in coordinating and facilitating a wedding celebration.

Cannabis Wedding

There is a strong ethos behind the idea and that is to further remove the shame from the use of Cannabis and act as part of a greater movement pushing Marijuana into the mainstream where it rightfully belongs. So are you behind the WEEDING movement? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Want to find out more check out the Love&MariJ website for further details or to get hitched and high at the same time. If you are a vendor/venue or other organization involved with Weddings then why not list yourself as a 420 friendly vendor on their website at list a vendor.

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