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LeaflyThe Leafly App is one of the best smartphone apps we have ever seen for the cannabis enthusiast. It catalogues everything from weed strains to dispensaries and more.

Weed Strains – Leafly catalogs pretty much any strain of cannabis and features publicly submitted photos and reviews. This really helps you learn your kushes from your hazes and read what other people have experienced when using that specific strain. It can help you make a more informed decision when you are buying or cultivating cannabis by asking a massive community of other enthusiasts.

Next time you are able to choose between several strains because you are either in a location with more enlightened authorities or you are lucky to have a bomb ass hook up with more than one variety which is basically all they can get their hands on this week consult Leafly and see what kind of high you want. There is more to it than just Indica vs Sativa and many hybrids have surprisingly different effects.

Dispensaries – You can also find dispensaries near you using the app, find their opening times, menus and more. This often contains more information about certain dispensaries than their own websites do so is definitely worth checking first. We have tested this in California and it works superbly.

Leafly can also be enjoyed online via any device by just going to Leafly.com. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

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