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We have a wide range of seeds from the latest and greatest cannabis/marijuana strains & seed producers. Indoor cannabis seeds, outdoor cannabis seeds, greenhouse seeds and seeds from Cannabis Cup winners.

We also have the paraphernalia to facilitate all your enjoyment. Classic acrylic bongs, hand crafted ceramic bongs, communal hookahs and new and bizarre bong designs. No cannabis connoisseurs armoury is complete without a grinder, and weve got that covered too. We have Titanium grinders, Metal grinders and Wooden grinders in a variety of sizes and styles from 2 piece to 5 piece.

Vaporisers offer a healthier alternative to the classic ways of smoking, and offer a unique clean high. We have a varying collection of the best vaporisers on the market, from the small value for money vaporizers to the more expensive vaporizers that are a purchase to last a lifetime.

Our pipes & more category brings you a wide range of the most popular pipes and smoking devices. From the discreet and disguised to the much more flamboyant, we have all the pipes you need at the best prices available.

Every seasoned toker needs a reliable lighter, be it a Zippo lighter or a windproof double turbo, check out our Lighters section and make sure your never left stranded by a disposable again.

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