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PenSimple Dry Herb Grinder - Grind, Store, Dispense

Introducing the PenSimple! This truly is a revolution in herb grinders! Just when I thought they had evolved as far as they could. Earlier this year we saw a grinder without the traditional teeth that worked brilliantly, we have also seen the clever MedTainers that double as smell proof containers but this is new.

Pen Simple

Sure we have seen motorized grinders, remmeber the cheap plastic ones that always get jammed after a short period of use. With this however which looks like a nicely designed metal pen that can hold over 1 gram of herbs with the teeth grinding mechanism installed or 3 gram with when removed is a very smart device for grinding and storing your herbs. Perfect for on the go due to its stealthy design and the feature of being able to easily dispense your herbs into your pipe, dry herb vape or joint. As they put it, Grind, Store, Dispense!

Motorized Dry Herb Grinder

One full charge of the PenSimple allows enough battery for the device to grind/dispense between 60-90 times and comes in at a mid to high range price of $69 USD, not cheap but not outrageous either. The design is sleek and smart and could be mistaken for a fancy Parker pen, however it is the future of grinding, at least for those willing to invest in their ease of use.

What do you think of the SimplePen? We would love to hear your reviews.

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