How To Roll A Joint With Seth Rogen

Here is a great guide teaching you how to roll a joint with Seth Rogen. Many people take rolling a joint for granted, most of us have been doing it for years and it becomes second nature. It’s easy to forget that once upon a time we too had trouble rolling.

how to roll a joint with seth rogen

For some people just starting to roll their own, or people who have used a rolling mat all their life, here’s a great beginners guide to rolling a perfect joint, beautifully detailed by everyones stoner pal Seth Rogen. Nothing fancy, nothing extreme or the length of your leg, just a simple spliff for the simple man.

Beginners Guide: Roll A Joint With Seth Rogen


For you intermediate rollers out there, here’s the legend Seth Rogen again this time showing us all how to roll the perfect cross joint.


There are many other more crazy joints you can master if you want to get creative. The picture below shows just some of these. If you do have another crazy spliff creation not mentioned here, be sure to include it in the comments.


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