Fruity Juice Regular Seeds

Fruity Juice Regular combines both ends of the cannabis spectrum. Sativa (55%) from Thailand and indica (45%) from Afghanistan.

Sensi Seeds


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Fruity Juice Regular excels in combining apparent contradictions: XXL yields with joyous aesthetics, citrus and tropical notes with a dark hashish flavour, a trippy high and a physical buzz. Why decide when you can have it all?Fruity Juice Regular growth pattern Both ends of the cannabis spectrum come together, resulting in: Tall-growing, slender plants with a short flowering time of 50 to 60 days. Thick bud formations with flavour, power and class. Fruity Juice Regular is a thick-stemmed, large-leaved energy bomb.Finding the perfect balance of 55% sativa and 45% indica genes was a mammoth task, even for the experienced growers at Sensi Seeds. The unpredictable nature of the early Thai-Afghan crosses made them the preserve of professionals. Two individuals with the optimal combination of sativa and indica qualities were first produced successfully in 1995. The final F1 hybrid is based on premium genetics from Thailand and Afghanistan. Fruity Juice Regular produces incredible yields. Experienced enthusiasts with the right equipment harvest up to 500 g/m². The plants grow vigorously during the flowering stage. If the plant is restricted, the growth phase should be kept correspondingly short. Simple mesh netting, better known as Screen of Green (SCROG), subsequently helps. The sky’s the limit in a sunny greenhouse or in the fresh air. The elegant plants then bend under the weight of the candied buds, a feature that makes this landrace from Thailand so famous. Fruity Juice Regular seeds can be grown outside in the open air in a normal, warm summer. Fantastic examples grow in the Emerald Triangle in California, between Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity County.These regular seeds produce both male and female plants. The male plants should be harvested in good time. Effect, flavour and smell of Fruity Juice RegularThe effect begins with a cerebral sativa high, which transitions into a calming indica effect. Either effect can dominate depending on the phenotype, personal frame of mind and individual genetics. This cannabis strain is generally suitable for use at any time of the day.The many resin gland (trichomes) tell no lies: Fruity Juice pampers the palate with delightful flavours! The characteristic chara flavour from the Indian subcontinent is combined with the freshness of the Tropics. Sugary, sweet sour and with a hint of exotic fruits. The flavours are best left to unfold in a vaporizer. Did you know?Landraces are cannabis strains that grow in the wild, and have established themselves over millennia in a specific geographical region. They are often named after a country, and are crucial for cannabis cultivation.

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Temperate / Continental

Min Flower Time: 50

Max Flower Time: 60

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Regular

Plant Height: High plant

Plant Yield: XXL Yield

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