California Indica Feminized Seeds

California Indica Feminized produces fast-flowering plants with resinous buds. 35% sativa and 65% indica genes ensure a pleasant hybrid high.

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This feminized hybrid strain (35% sativa, 65% indica) enables plentiful yields – for novices and experts alike. It is characterised by the orange-dominated citrus flavour coupled with the taste of warm hashish.Our California Indica is the result of a high-yield, robust Orange Bud with sativa genes. We crossed this long-flowering parent plant with our Northern Lights #1 x Hash Plant, which already served as a pollen donor for our popular hash plant strain. Maintaining the enormous resin production was not easy, but following several attempts we finally succeeded. Compared with its sativa parent, the descendants impress with plentiful resin, a shorter flowering time and thicker buds. Unlike its indica father, it is differentiated by a fruitier flavour and a more focused high.California Indica Feminized growth patternCalifornia Indica Feminized seeds produce strong, primarily indica-dominated plants. Which means: this strain remains beautifully compact and flowers nice and quickly. The buds have long pistils which unfold between the main stem and upper branches and cover the plant’s internode gaps with thick flower clusters. And what amazing buds they are! These are real gourmet buds that are dripping with resin by the time they are harvested. After drying, the buds often look more orange than green in colour, which is perfectly normal. If cultivated indoors, growers should expect the plants to gain 100 to 150% in height during the 7 to 8-week flowering stage. If the flowering stage is introduced in a controlled way, there is nothing to worry about. In warm, continental climates, this cannabis strain can reach the height of a small tree. Special cultivation methods such as Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), Supercropping and Lollipopping offer additional yield potential.Effect, flavour and smell of California Indica FeminizedCalifornia Indica Feminized’s effect is a mix of indica and sativa qualities, making it a good all-round strain. The warm, relaxing power of the Afghan indica is well balanced by the cerebral sativa high. It has a lasting effect but not so strong as to overwhelm inexperienced users.During the growing and flowering stage, these cannabis plants produce only a subtle scent, making it an interesting option for discreet stealth growers. The dried buds taste of hashish and sweet citrus fruits with dominant orange tones. More rare, and perhaps more popular, are phenotypes with lime and grapefruit flavours. One of our long-standing customers once described this cannabis strain as a “Citrus sativa for ganja gourmets”. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The intensive flavour of California Indica Feminized is perfect for a vaporizer. Slow heating brings the aromatic, heat-sensitive terpenes directly to the user. Did you know?Creatives will find a great source of inspiration in this weed. It’s no coincidence that there are several songs with the title ‘Orange Bud’ – a tribute to our California’s parent plant. These seeds are also available as California Indica Regular.

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Temperate / Continental

Min Flower Time: 45

Max Flower Time: 50

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Feminized

Plant Height: Compact plant

Plant Yield: Heavy Yield

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