Hindu Kush Regular Seeds

Hindu Kush Regular is loved for its sandalwood flavour and its comforting, narcotic effect. Compact, fast-flowering and resinous plants.

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A 100% indica suitable for novices, with compact growth and a short flowering time. It is characterised by a sweet sandalwood flavour and narcotic effect (minus the couch lock effect).This pure indica seed line originates from the mountainous region of the Hindu Kush. Stretching between Afghanistan to the west and Pakistan to the east, it is a melting pot of old cannabis traditions from the surrounding regions. The Hindu Kush is an El Dorado for genuine indica genotypes and black hashish. Since the destabilisation of the region by American forces, the Hindu Kush has fallen into a touristic deep sleep.Hindu Kush Regular growth patternHindu Kush Regular cannabis seeds have been selected for stability and quality over many generations, breeding exclusively within their own gene pool. The result are dark green, compact and strong plants with the classic broad-bladed leaves of an indica. Hindu Kush Regular yields homogeneous seedlings – it is an excellent strain for uniform harvests. These cannabis plants prefer a dry climate with low humidity. They are resistant to temperature changes and pests, however, which has earned them their reputation as a great plant for novices. It has a comparatively short flowering time of 45 to 50 days. Thanks to a thick layer of trichomes that sparkle like crystals under light, Hindu Kush Regular is predestined for the extraction of kief or hashish.In warmer climate zones, this strain thrives outdoors. If planted under artificial light, the Sea of Green (SOG) cultivation method can maximise yield and cola formation.Effect, flavour and smell of Hindu Kush RegularHindu Kush Regular is a potent strain that produces a typical indica high. Relax your body and mind from the first drag.Its aficionados appreciate the enveloping, pleasantly embedded and narcotic sensation. It’s the perfect strain for a chilled evening on the sofa or before going to sleep. Although Hindu Kush Regular does not trigger complete couch lock, there are better alternatives for during the day.The sweet and earthy sandalwood flavour is typical of indicas from mountainous regions. It goes hand in hand with the relaxed sensations this strain gives you. The smell is reminiscent of wet pine trees and becomes more intense as soon as the plant begins to flower. Did you know?Hindu Kush is considered an evergreen among musicians, artists and actors. Katie Melua even dedicated one of her songs to it. In “Halfway Up The Hindu Kush”, she sings: “You show me lots of things I’ve never seen. You set me free as you’ve taken me halfway up the Hindu Kush.” “High Times” magazine named Hindu Kush from Sensi Seeds one of the best 25 cannabis strains of all time.In addition to these regular (non-feminized) seeds, Hindu Kush is also available as Hindu Kush Feminized and Hindu Kush Automatic.

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Sunny / Mediterranean

Min Flower Time: 45

Max Flower Time: 50

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Regular

Plant Height: Compact plant

Plant Yield: Medium Yield

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