Feminized Mix Seeds

Feminized Mix cannabis seeds offer a random mix of premium Sensi Seeds strains. They’re ideal for growers that want to experiment for a low price.

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Sensi Seeds Feminized Mix enables growers to cultivate an exciting garden of our indica and sativa strains, delivering maximum experience for minimum investment. The last thing some gardeners want is the element of surprise. However, there are those for whom a variety pack of cannabis strains is exactly what they’re looking for. Whether you’re wishing to select a few favourites or simply dive in to the diversity of cannabis, Feminized Mix has a lot to offer. Growth pattern of Feminized MixFeminized Mix is tailored for the experimental and adventurous grower. The seeds are not labelled; the only thing that unites them is that they are all feminized. When cultivating the plants, growers will need to observe which ones are indica dominant and which are sativa-based. This can be achieved by observing the leaves, and as the plants thrive, noting their overall size and form. Once the plants have been identified, indoor growers can put the feminized sativa strains into flower ahead of the indica ones. This encourages the entire crop to be ready for harvest at a similar time. Be aware, the heights of the plants may vary considerably, depending on the variant being cultivated. Confident gardeners may want to use Feminized Mix cannabis seeds to experiment with different training and cropping techniques. Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) methods won’t be suitable in this instance, as they’re usually reserved for uniform crops. However, for growers with room to spare, supercropping, topping and fimming could all produce excellent results. In colder climates, growing indoors is advised. However, those who live in a warm, sunny places can cultivate Feminized Mix outdoors or in a greenhouse. This means that a staggered harvest is an option, by simply cutting each plant when it’s ready. Please note: there are likely to be more indica than sativa strains, as indica varieties tend to produce more seeds. All Feminized Mix packs are prepared randomly, so it’s not possible to predict what strains (or quantities) will appear in each one. Effect, taste, and smell of Feminized MixSensi Seeds Feminized Mix contains a variety of different seeds, which means that the user can enjoy a range of different flavours, scents and effects. Indica variants usually have earthy, spicy base notes, whereas sativa plants tend to offer fresh, grassy top notes (especially the Haze family). One of the major benefits of growing Feminized Mix is experiencing the diverse aromas and tastes of the cannabis flavour spectrum. The effects differ from plant to plant. Once the flowers are cured, some growers opt to keep the buds separate from the other plants, then try to guess which strains they have cultivated. Others like to mix the buds together to create a ‘cannabis cocktail’, and develop their own favourite blend. Did you know? Feminized Mix isn’t the only mixed pack that Sensi Seeds offer. There’s also an Indoor Mix and an Outdoor Mix (which are both more standardised)It’s a blend of indicas and sativas, perfect for adventurous growers who want to try out a range of different cannabis plantsThis mix often contains some prize-winning strains, including those that have won awards in the Cannabis Cup

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Sunny / Mediterranean

Min Flower Time:

Max Flower Time:

No of Seeds: 20

Strain Types: Feminized

Plant Height: Mixed

Plant Yield: Mixed

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