Never Get Busted By Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper is a former law enforcement officer and anti-drug-war lecturer made famous throughout the anti-drug-war community for his film Never Get Busted Again Vol. 1. Below is a clip from Fox News in which Barry Cooper defends his reasons for the release of his DVD.


Law Enforcement Years

Mr. Cooper began his law enforcement career with the Gladewater Police Department as a police dispatcher. He was later hired by the Big Sandy Police Department where he trained his own narcotic detection dog as an interdiction officer in East Texas. Cooper logged nearly one-hundred drug arrests and a record marijuana seizure.

Barry’s talents were soon recognized and he was contacted by the Permian Basin Drug Task Force located in Odessa, Texas where he participated in joint operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, U.S. Military, and Border Patrol. According to a former West Texas Drug Taskforce Boss Barry Cooper is “probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country.”

During the course of his eight year career as a drug enforcement officer he made more than 800 drug arrests, 50 vehicle seizures and confiscated over $500,000 in cash and assets.

Involvement with the Drug Reform Movement

After leaving law enforcement, Barry Cooper went on to produce and star in a DVD titled, “Never Get Busted Again Vol. 1: Traffic Stops”. He went on to produce a follow-up, “Never Get Busted Again Vol. 2: Never Get Raided”.

“Barry Cooper is a hero because he is standing up and declaring the War on Drugs is not working”

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