Indica Vs. Sativa

Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of the cannabis plant used as medicine or for fun. There are many strains that are crosses of those two varieties. Within each of those varieties and crosses there are a huge number of individual strains, each with a different cannabinoid profile and effect. Whether your looking to get lazy or be up and ready, you will find out what kind of cannabis to smoke at the right times. The Indica strains are a relaxant, effective for anxiety, pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle spasms and tremors, among other symptoms. The Sativa strains are more of a stimulant, effective in appetite stimulation, relieving depression, migraines, pain and nausea. With that I will get in to it more…

Lets start with my favourite Sativa which produce many popular strains like my personal favourite Northern Lights, Jack Herer, Skunk #1, and Silver Haze. If you are looking for a high that has you awake and energetic, than Sativa is the strain for you. Sativa has a higher THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol] than CBD [Cannabidiol] equals cerebral, soaring type of high, more energetic. Yield is usually lower than Indica, but is very potent. Sativa also gives effective appetite stimulation aka the munchies much more than Indica. For medical use it helps with nausea, migraines, and for some depression. Sativa are tall, thin plants, with much narrower leaves and grow a lighter green in colour. They grow very quickly and can reach heights of 20 feet in a single season. They originally come from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Once flowering has begun, they can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature. Flavours range from earthy to sweet and fruity.How I love the taste of sweet and fruity buds. Here are a few examples:

Now to the chilled out “Lets just chill and watch a movie Brah”. Indica a strain for the smokers that love to just chill out, sit back and pop a movie in with a shit load of munchies. Some popular strains are AK-47, Afgani, and Blueberry. Indica strains are a relaxant, effective for anxiety, pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle spasms and tremors, among other symptoms. Indicas originally come from the hash producing countries of the world like Afghanistan, Morocco, and Tibet. They are short dense plants, with broad leaves and often grow a darker green. After flowering starts they will be mature in 6 to 8 weeks. The buds will be thick and dense, with flavours and aromas ranging from pungent skunk to sweet and fruity. The smoke from an Indica is generally a body type stone, relaxing and laid back. Indica’s higher CBD than THC equals a much heavier, sleepy type of high. Indica plants have a heavy, stony high that is relaxing and can help different medical problems. I would have to think that many cancer and patients with chronic pain would smoke Indica. Here are a couple of pictures of Indica…

Don’t get me wrong I love to get high to the point where I can’t get up. But I would much rather be energetic and smoke on Sativa. Sativa is my kind of smoke. Now what kind of strains would we get if we mix Sativa and Indica. You get great strains such as Master Kush, Master kush, x Northern lights and New York Diesel. Lets take a look….

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