From Seed to Weed

From cannabis seed to wonderful weed!

May 21, 2003. After the seeds sprouted and potted, I kept the pots under a layer of transparent plastic, to protect them from the heat, and to recycle the water a bit.

The plants came up is a matter of days, so I took the plastic off to make them meet the Spanish sun.

June 2.

Like the breeder, Steve already predicted, Blue Sat can be a weird creature, with a strange structure and leafs.

Most of the Blue Sats came up weird, some of them were as straight as the other SOL strains.

June 11.

June 12.

June 18.

June 19.

June 21.

June 23, my birthday, this is the weird, little Blue Sat that did not seem to make it, but it did.

This is another Blue Satellite that is out of shape, it only made branches on two side of the stem.

June 27.

July 15. The stem of the Blue Satellite I used for the pictures, it is well blue all right.

July 20. A Blue Satellite male.

The male Blue Sat on July 29, just before I harvested some pollen.

July 30.

July 31.

August 5.

August 10.

August 16.

August 21.

August 27.

August 28.

August 30.

August 31.

September 2.

A deep blue Blue Satellite, developing weird, but resinous.

Weird, this bud is completely different from the two previous shown, all on September 2.

September 10.

September 18, this Blue Sat was trimmed after the video and picture session.

September 21, this Blue Sat was almost done.

September 23, still flowering.

The last Blue Satellite was harvested on October 3, by Baron, a growshop owner from Todmorden, UK.

Ready to be hung.

Good offspring from this cross.

Does not she look lovely? Blue Sat may be weird, it is a solid smoke, with a bright high.

Blue Satellite, Harvest 2003, Spain.

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