Cannabis – Cooking With Marijuana.


Cannabis is most commonly associated with smoking a joint or pipe; but eating cannabis can lead to some delightful ‘highs’, and is a much healthier alternative.

Most joints are rolled using tobacco which is packed with tar & nicotine, and cannabis smoke which is also high in tar. By eating cannabis you get wonderfully high without inhaling all those carcinogenic fumes. Eating cannabis is perfect for people who don’t smoke or for people with respiratory problems, and is a lot more discrete.

Eating Cannabis is much more potent then smoking it when prepared properly.
The simplest way to cook with cannabis is to blend the cannabis into an ingredient, such as flour, butter or oil which can be made in advance, stored and used when required.

Cannabutter is very easy to make. and can be used in cakes, biscuits and various savoury snacks. THC is more easily absorbed in to the blood, when dissolved with fats and alcohol and gives you a quicker more effective high.

You may think the easiest way to eat cannabis would be to just stuff it in your mouth and swallow it, but this can lead to very unpredictable ‘highs’, Cannabis really needs to be heated to release the active compounds, and added to fats to help increase the digestion rate.

Dried Leaf, Bud and Hash can all be used in cooking. You’ll need to know how strong the cannabis is that you’ll be using. So you can amend the amount you need according to the strength.
About an eighth (3.5g) of moderate hash or bud will get you pleasantly stoned. (If the hash or bud is stronger use less!!!) What ever you do don’t use a whole eighth in a meal that you are going to eat all by yourself.
About a quarter (7g) of good dried Leaf is enough to get you pleasantly stoned.

The Canna-snacks should be bite size, and 1 or 2 is enough. Not only do bite size pieces limit the amount you eat to avoid ‘overdose’, small pieces also digest quicker, giving you a much more effective high. (More food in the stomach takes longer to digest which weakens the effects of the cannabinoids.)
If the recipe needs to be cooked for a long time you’ll need to increase the amount of cannabis used, as prolonged heating depletes the cannabinoids.

If you can’t be bothered or haven’t got time to make your own cakes or snacks, you can just add the cannabis to cake mixtures that you can buy in any supermarket. Or mix it with rice-pudding, or custard and blitz in the microwave for a few seconds, this works with most fatty microwave dishes.

We have a few recipes that will guarantee you a good time, But remember to watch how much you eat. It is easy to eat more then the ideal dosage without even realising it. Once you’ve eaten that last cake there’s no going back! If you’re not careful it is easy to overdose.
There have been no reported cases of death by overdose, but it isn’t pleasant. Common symptoms of overdose are dizziness, sickness, paranoia and a rapid heart beat. The feeling is horrible and can ruin a good night; you’ll probably fall asleep for a lengthy period of time.

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