Cannabis Seeds

Browse through a wide range of Cannabis Seeds from hundreds of strain companies across the globe. All the best from the capitals of Cannabis, America, Amsterdam, Spain and more. There are literally 1000’s of strains and varieties to choose from including many types of sativa and indica, indoor and outdoor, feminized and non-feminized as well as auto flowering ruderalis varieties and of course hybrids of all three. Auto flowering seeds have made some massive developments over the past few years and are more potent and higher yielding than ever before.

We now also have a wide range of CBD specialist strains high in the medicinal CBD content while low or moderate amounts of the psychoactive THC for those looking to benefit purely from the Cannabidiol content rather than get lifted from the Tetrahydrocannabinol compounds traditionally found in abundance within the female cannabis plant.

Looking for the latest and greatest marijuana seeds? Then look no further, we have organized the best seeds online in the UK and worldwide for your convenience. Everything from high yielding varieties producing big buds and lots of weight so strains for small spaces and quick turnarounds, there are more traditional and mild sensimilia seeds to the super skunks and Cannabis Cup Winners that have been developed by the best seed banks in the world.

Browse through the wide range below or visit our brands page to see all of our different seed breeders.

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