Skunk Kush Regular Seeds

Skunk Kush Regular cannabis seeds are 60% indica, 40% sativa; resulting in an intense, cerebral and relaxing high. It grows well in warmer climates.

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Growth pattern of Skunk Kush RegularSkunk Kush Regular cannabis seeds are 60% indica, 40% sativa. As the name suggests, the strain is a hybrid of Hindu Kush (with its pure Afghani genes), and Skunk #1. The combination produces plants that are vigorous and high-yielding, with a scent and taste that’s distinctly skunk-like. It’s a regular variant of the strain, which means the seeds produce both male and female plants. This is an advantage to more advanced growers, who might be looking to create their own hybrids. It’s also useful for those who want to generate their own seeds. However, initial yields may be slightly limited by the presence of male plants.As a regular strain, Skunk Kush Regular needs a temperate or continental climate to achieve its full potential. The strain has a short flowering time of around 50 to 60 days (both inside and out), with the buds being ready to harvest at the end of September / start of October when grown outdoors. The flower formation is impressive, and can only be described as ‘towering’.Skunk Kush Regular isn’t one of the tallest strains on the market. The plants grow to a moderate height (usually a maximum of 150 cm, regardless of whether they’re grown indoors or outside). This is useful to those using grow tents or any location with height restrictions. Skunk Kush Regular takes on a ‘candelabra’ shape while growing. The slight indica-dominance means that the leaves are typically dark green and leathery, and the branches are robust and strong. It offers an exceptionally generous yield too, and the buds are usually covered in frosty trichomes. The Afghani heritage is immediately apparent when the buds start to develop; with bubbling calyxes making for dense, semi-open buds with plenty of weight to them. They have a large surface area, which ensures plenty of resin production. Some of the trichomes develop heads that are so bulbous, you can actually see them swell and change colour in their later stages of growth. When the plants are left to grow by themselves, the central bud takes up around half the main stem; or as much as 75% on the more open female plants. Skunk Kush Regular thrives in a warmer, Mediterranean climates. Under these sunny, temperate conditions, it’s capable of producing incredibly large yields, without succumbing to mould. Lollipopping and supercropping are both techniques that generate good results with this strain. Effect, taste, and smell of Skunk Kush RegularSkunk Kush Regular is slightly indica-dominant. This is evident in the resulting high; a full-bodied, intense stone, which is both cerebral and deeply physical. The sativa influence sometimes induces a state of uncontrollable giggles, while the indica provides a sensation of powerful relaxation. Be warned, this isn’t a strain for those who aren’t used to consuming cannabis, as it’s quite potent. While they’re growing, the plants produce a musky skunk scent. The dark, resinous Afghani smell is enhanced with a fresh citrus punch. When nearing the harvest stages, the fruity aroma gets stronger, with scents of lemon and menthol coming to the foreground. These flavours can also be picked up on tasting it; making for a refreshing, invigorating experience. Did you know?This variety is also available as Skunk Kush Feminized.Skunk Kush is also known as Hindu Skunk.It produces exceptionally high yields under the right growing conditions.

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Temperate / Continental

Min Flower Time: 50

Max Flower Time: 60

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Regular

Plant Height: Average height gain

Plant Yield: Large Yield

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