Hindu Kush Automatic Seeds

Hindu Kush Automatic offers far more than its low price might suggest. It is easy to grow, resilient, and has a lasting yet mild effect.

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A classic pure indica redeveloped as autoflowering seeds. Our Hindu Kush Automatic is affordable, robust, easy to grow and ready to harvest in record time. Hindu Kush Automatic growth patternHindu Kush has been a favourite of old-school indica fans for over two decades. It soon became clear to us: we need to sell this cannabis strain as autoflowering seeds as well. Hindu Kush is renowned for its reliable growth pattern and this new automatic variant will make harvesting high-quality indica buds even easier for you. Novices and medicinal users will be delighted by how little work and effort is required to grow this strain. Even the regular variant of Hindu Kush is suitable for novices, with its short flowering time and easy management. Even if you make cultivation mistakes, it won’t really be a problem because this strain is wonderfully robust. Hindu Kush Auto ensures added resistance and reliability. There’s no need to remove male plants, because these seeds only produce female plants. This autoflowering variant develops buds automatically without having to adapt the lighting cycles. The short flowering time of 45 to 50 days allows for several harvests from the same area. These short, bushy plants are a big advantage in interior spaces with low ceilings. In warm regions with plenty of sunshine, Hindu Kush Automatic cannabis seeds also flourish outside. With its strong branches, this strain is excellent for Sea of Green (SOG) or Lollipopping. Effect, flavour and smell of Hindu Kush AutomaticHindu Kush Automatic offers a long-lasting, mellow high that brings you peace and mild relaxation, without completely locking you to the sofa. Only few users report feelings of anxiety and paranoia, which other cannabis strains can trigger. But remember: you can always use more, but you can’t go back and use less.The earthy flavour notes have a sweet component reminiscent of sandalwood, incense and pine. During the growth period, these plants have only a discreet smell. After drying, the flavour and aroma of the solid buds acquire a sharper version of the original smell.Did you know?In her song “Halfway Up The Hindu Kush”, the British singer-songwriter Katie Melua sings of things she’d never seen. Creative minds like hers value Hindu Kush for its mind-expanding properties. According to the well-respected magazine “High Times”, Hindu Kush is one of the best 25 cannabis strains of all time.In addition to these autoflowering seeds, Hindu Kush is also available as Hindu Kush Regular and Hindu Kush Feminized.

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Cool /Cold

Min Flower Time: 45

Max Flower Time: 50

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Auto

Plant Height: Compact plant

Plant Yield: Medium Yield

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