Female Mix Seeds by White Label

Female Mix by White Label features a wide range of unlabelled indica and sativa-dominant White Label strains. The seeds are feminized for easier growth.

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Adventurous growers who want to try a wide range of cannabis strains need look no further than our Female Mix. Each pack contains an assorted selection of seeds from our feminized varieties, giving growers the excitement of a mixed harvest for minimal investment. Growth pattern of Female Mix by White LabelFemale Mix cannabis seeds come in a range of different strains, including indica, sativa, and hybrids. The seeds aren’t named or labelled in the pack, but growers with some experience should be able to identify the type of plant based on the leaves and growth pattern. This gives a good indication of where the plant lies on the indica / sativa spectrum. Indoor growers who are keen to harvest all the plants at the same time may want to put the sativas into flower first. This gives the plants a chance to complete their longer flowering period, then finish at the same time as the indica-dominant varieties with their shorter blooming time. Not only do the cannabis varieties in Female Mix by White Label offer different flowering times, they also come in a range of different heights. Sativas will typically triple in height during the later stages of flowering. Please note that there are likely to be plenty of hybrids in each pack of Female Mix, which can make it tricky to precisely identify which strain a plant is. However, the pack provides a good opportunity to experiment with different training and pruning techniques, such as lollipopping and supercropping. The Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) methods are better suited to homogenous crops. Since this is a mix of strains, it’s recommended that the seeds are cultivated indoors, or outdoors in a reliably warm and sunny climate. This ensures that the sativas have enough time to finish flowering before the temperatures drop. Effect, taste, and smell of Female Mix by White LabelWhite Label’s Female Mix features many different strains of cannabis. As such, the flavours, scents and effects are extremely diverse. This is a large part of the pack’s appeal. Some of the most commonly included scents and tastes include citrus, warm spice, rich pine, sweet candy and many more. Likewise, the effects vary considerably, with indica-dominant plants offering a sense of relaxation, and sativas being typically uplifting and euphoric. After harvesting the buds, some growers choose to store each plant’s yield separately, then guess which strain they might be sampling. Others enjoy mixing them together to create their own unique ‘cannabis cocktail’. Did you know? White Label Female Mix offers growers the chance to experience new strains, and experiment with different training and pruning techniquesAll the strains included in it are feminized, which means there should be no need to select and remove any males

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Mixed

Min Flower Time:

Max Flower Time:

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Feminized

Plant Height: Mixed

Plant Yield: Mixed

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