Early Skunk Regular Seeds

Early Skunk Regular is a hybrid of Early Pearl and Skunk #1. This 35% sativa / 65% indica blend is well suited for growing outdoors and offers XXL yields.

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Early Skunk is an original Sensi Seeds strain, bred from the award-winning Skunk #1 and outdoor favourite Early Pearl. It’s a 65% indica, 35% sativa blend for a relaxed yet uplifting effect. The plants can grow extremely large, especially in free soil. They also produce massive buds. We bred Early Skunk to resist mould and bud-rot, to avoid the risk of growers losing their harvest even in cold, wet summers.Growth pattern of Early Skunk RegularSensi Seeds’ Early Skunk Regular cannabis seeds are mainly indica, and they display many of the classic features of this type of plant. Growers can expect to see resin-coated flowers, and sizeable yields. Early Skunk requires a level of know-how when cultivating. Experienced growers can achieve good results with supercropping and training, as long as they start early in the vegetation process. The plants grow well outdoors, in either large pots or free soil. Thanks to its 35% sativa content, Early Skunk can grow to impressive heights by the time its flowering period is over. This generally happens at around seven to nine weeks; it’s not uncommon for plants to triple in size, especially during the last few weeks. The generous size of the plants, combined with the expansive branches, results in a large harvest. It’s easy for the top colas to reach over 30 cm. Expect the buds to be large and dense too.While other strains with similar buds have issues with rot and mould, Early Skunk is highly resilient, even in cold, wet climates. This is due to the hybridisation of Skunk #1 with Early Pearl, resulting in a robust, mould-resistant end-product. This makes it an excellent choice for growers who want to cultivate their cannabis plants in colder, damper climates. Effect, taste, and smell of Early Skunk RegularEarly Skunk cannabis buds are also valued for their flavour, and the effects they produce when consumed. Smokers usually report a calm, contented high, which inspires more creative thought. Early Skunk Regular provides strong effects which, given a good hot summer, can be comparable to indoor grown cannabis. Early Skunk has an earthy, spicy smell, with a lot of depth to it, typical for a cannabis plant with a high indica content. Some say that the top-note is reminiscent of diesel, demonstrating that the terpenes in cannabis often combine to create a range of unusual aromas. This blend of earth and diesel is most pronounced during the flowering period, and just after harvesting. Once the buds are cured, the scent shifts, becoming brighter and more floral. Did you know? Early Skunk is also available as Early Skunk Feminized and Early Skunk Automatic variants by Sensi SeedsIt has won several awards in the Outdoor Category of the Cannabis CupsEarly Skunk is prized for being one of the most robust outdoors cannabis plants, capable of XXL yields

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Cool /Cold

Min Flower Time: 55

Max Flower Time: 65

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Regular

Plant Height: High plant

Plant Yield: XXL Yield

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