Aloha OG Feminized Seeds

Aloha OG Feminized is a 70% indica / 30% sativa strain of average height and XL yields. Sweet terpenes blend with earthy and musky notes.

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Aloha OG Feminized seeds are a great choice for gardeners that like average-sized plants but XL yields. Flowering times fall between 55 to 70 days, common in the Girl Scout Cookies and Face-Off OG lineage of this strain. Cultivators of all levels will have success with this easy to grow plant. Dense, purpling buds sit on sturdy branches, with bright green foliage. Aloha OG Feminized begins with cerebral effects and gracefully changes pace to provide a lasting body stone.The growth pattern of Aloha OG FeminizedAloha OG Feminized is an indica-dominant variety. The indica inheritance is present in the plants’ compact and wide growth structure. Also reminiscent of indica varieties are the large, bright green leaves. The heavy foliage and tight internodal spacing create a thick canopy. Aloha OG will benefit from regular defoliation to improve airflow and expose bud sites.Aloha OG seeds are feminized, and this takes the guesswork out of trying to identify and remove male plants from the garden. Aloha OG has a wider than average harvest window of 55 to 70 days. Aloha OG is a steady growing plant that adds most of its height during the flowering phase. Gardeners can anticipate this plant to stretch by 75% of the vegetative stature. Aloha OG Feminized seeds finish at an average height, but the compact nature allows for the XL yields being reported by our cultivators.Gardeners looking to maximise returns are taking notice of the Aloha OG Feminized seeds. This fact is attributed to the XL yields that Aloha OG is routinely producing for growers. Indoor gardeners are raving about yields of 500 to 550 grams per m². Outdoor gardeners are recording even larger yields, often at 600 grams per plant.The tight internodal spacing of Aloha OG helps add weight to the stacked branches of dense buds. Nearing the end of flower, gardeners will notice an increased trichome coverage over the buds. Darkened pistils will retreat into the bracts, and the bright green foliage will transition. As Aloha OG finishes flowering, purple hues can be expressed in the leaves and buds. Aloha OG Feminized is an excellent choice for year-round indoor gardening. Outdoors, Aloha OG is tolerable of cooler and moister, continental climates. Due to the compact nature of this strain, many of the common training techniques are not required to achieve great yields. One technique that Aloha OG responds well to, however, is SOG.Effect, taste, and smell of Aloha OG FeminizedAloha OG Feminized is a 70% indica and 30% sativa strain that leans towards the indica side in smell, flavour, and effect in many ways. However, minor contributions from the sativa lineage gives Aloha OG detectable notes of sweetness and fruit. Another notable influence would be the initial onset of effects, similar to sativa varieties.Aloha OG Feminized feature an initial effect that is uplifting, mood-boosting, and a cerebral experience reminiscent of many sativa varieties. The effects then smoothly transition into an extended and relaxing, body soothing effect. At this point of the experience, the indica lineage takes hold and creates a sedative feeling that allows gardeners to unwind from a long, physically demanding day.Aloha OG Feminized is a very fragrant flower, both after harvest and while the plant is growing. Smells gently increase into flowering, and it is is common practice to have a good air filtration system. Outdoors, the earthy and musky aromas camouflage better with the surrounding environment, but the Aloha OG is still noticeable in the breeze.Once the flowers have been dried, trimmed, and cured, the nose increases one notch further. A good cure will bring out the enchantingly sweet front-end of the terpene profile. Right behind the sweetness are rich and deep earthy tones for the senses to admire. Completing the terpene profile of the dried flower is a distinctly musky aroma that adds a sharp note in the air.Aloha OG Feminized has a flavour profile that adds to and compliments the strong terpene profile found in the dried flower. On the tongue, the earthy and musky notes fuse into a skunky taste for the palette to decipher. Additionally, a creamy and smooth flavour shares the supporting role along with a slightly fruity essence. The contradiction of pronounced flavours blend into a memorable treat for those lucky enough to find it.Did you know? Girl Scout Cookies, which is one of the parents to Aloha OG, has reached a level of popularity that caused the creators some trouble. Girls Scouts of America sued to stop the cannabis companies from using the Girl Scout Cookies name. This strain is now commonly referred to as GSC.

Seed Information

Climate / Zone: Temperate / Continental

Min Flower Time: 55

Max Flower Time: 70

No of Seeds: 10

Strain Types: Feminized

Plant Height: Compact plant

Plant Yield: Heavy Yield

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